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Here is a selection of pictures from the restaurant. Please choose a category, below. More categories will be added on request.

Interior shots

a look inside
The Gallery section of aims to bring you a visual introduction to the restaurant, its customers and staff. On the left you will see a list of categories (the first being 'Interior Shots')

The Staff Of Unique Spice
  Under each category you will find a series of thumbnails which link to larger images. Please note that some of these images may take a several seconds to download via dial-up.
Soon we hope to produce the restaurant's first Quicktime VR image. If you've never seen this technology, visit Apple's Quicktime website. Quicktime VR allows you to pan around a room or landscape in 360° using your mouse — no cumbersome headsets required.
your requests
If there is a specific category not featured that you'd like to see on the Unique Spice website (such as food, special occasions or parties), please let us know via the Contact link above. If you have taken a picture that you think would be ideal for the site, please let us know. We are always on the lookout for good quality images.

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