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curry for the community!
The Observer
Friday, 14th Nov, 2003

MP backs firms raising...
Slough Express
Thursday, 13th Nov, 2003

tikka with a twist!
The Observer
Friday, 28th Mar, 2003

Spice is a Unique...
Slough Express
Thursday, 3rd Oct, 2002

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tikka with a twist!
The Observer
Friday, 28th March, 2003

If you want to boogie after a balti or jive before a jalfrezi then head to one of Slough's most unusual restaurants. Unique Spice, in Burnham High Street, is an Indian restaurant with a difference, in that it has a dancefloor for those wishing to strut their stuff after feasting on delicious spicy cuisine.

"We wanted to have something a bit different, something for people to do when they come into the restaurant," said restaurant manager Abu Siddique. The differences don't stop there as the enticing menu of over 100 dishes consists of cuisine from India, Bangladesh and Nepal.

After a couple of poppadums with a selection of dips including the house red sauce dip I was presented with a sizzling plate of kebabs from the starters menu. In fact I had a selection of three, a Kebab Bahar which was a pancake stuffed with spiced lamb, a Lamb Naknovi Kebab wrapped in pastry and the delicious Murgh Nazakat, a chicken kebab flavoured with garlic and nutmeg.

Unique Spice opened nearly two years ago and judging by the numbers of diners in the restaurant, it is proving to be a popular place. "We get lots of different people coming in, both old and young, business lunches and parties," explained Abu as the main course was served in authentic brass dishes.

Again I had a selection to choose from. This time they were all the chef's specialities. Bali Churi, a Nepalese dish had me reaching for my naan bread to dip in for more. Normally one for a hot curry, I found the milder Bali Churi with yoghurt and mint was exceptional and packed with a kaleidoscope of tastes and sensations. I also tried the Achari Lamb, a Nepalese blend of spices and ginger and a Duck Tikka Bhuna. All of these were accompanied by Egg Fried rice and Bombay Aloo (spicy potatoes).

I was soon met by the inevitable challenge of the sweet menu which tempts you with exotic fruit sorbets and ice cream. I endulged in Pistachio Kulfi, an Indian ice cream which provided a cooling way to end the meal. Feeling rather full, a trip to the dancefloor was out of the question but I can see its appeal.

I'm sure the party of 20 people tucking into their meal as I left the restaurant were intent on making the most of the 2am licence and hitting the tiles.

Martyn Brown

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